Friday, April 24, 2009

Muslims - Parasites 7"

Most people who know me are aware of my fascination with the Wipers. Because of this I was initially pleased to note the somewhat recent trend of bands tastefully robbing Greg Sage blind by copying everything from his songwriting structure to his guitar tone to his vocal stylings. Inevitably, the old adage stating that "too much of anything is a bad thing" began to rear its ugly head. And while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it doesn't help you write better songs and its even worse when your immitation is downright bad. I could name specific instances, but let's not be negative. Rather, let's shine the spotlight on those bands who pull of a remarkably accurate job and also add enough novel elements that keep things, ultimately, interesting.

San Diego's The Muslims (currently known as The Soft Pack) were a great example of an interesting and pleasant amalgamation of sounds. The specific creative effort in question, the 2008 single 'Parasites' on I Hate Rock N Roll, is an infectiously catchy, simple slab of wax that digs itself into your brain and hangs on tight. And while that obvious Wipers vibe maintains throughout the 2 tracks, one cannot deny an obvious nod to The Clean as well. The A side is a midtempo gem that should act as the soundtrack to any early-evening car ride to anywhere USA. The B side didn't stay with me like the A side did, but compliments the initial track nicely. Overall a great single that only gets better with repeated listens.


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