Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Superchunk - Hit Self Destruct EP (1993)

This gem of an EP includes the catchy single 'Cadmium' along with an acoustic version of 'Throwing Things' and their rendition of the Verlaine's 'Lying In State'.


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Ken said...

Interesting story behind how Superchunk recorded this EP. It was slated for an Australian tour, which was called off then re-instated at the last moment. Then it came down to releasing a Tour EP, it seemed that in order to get a CD/10 inch release, they had to get the master to Australia in about 2 days. They rushed into the studio and didn't have any new material to record. Mac rush wrote (I feel their best song ever) Cadium. They also did a quick acoustic and cover track. A Master copy was Fed Ex to Down Under and sent to the CD plant. It managed to hit the stores just when the band made it to Melbourne for their tour in December of that year.