Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dove - s/t

The band Floor was introduced to my circle of friends via their No Idea Records self-titled debut in 2002.

By this point, Floor had been around for a decade, only rising to a newfound level of national prominence shortly before the band's eventual demise around 2004. During Floor's final days, drummer Henry Wilson had started a new project, named Dove (Dove being the name of Floor's then unreleased full-length LP recorded in the mid-90's, eventually to be released in 2004 on No Idea Records). Additionally, Dove and Floor appeared together on a split 7" EP. Wilson provided guitars and vocals for this new project.

Shortly after the break up of Floor, however, Dove quickly came out with a self-titled (and self-released) LP. The record continues the general direction of Floor's self-titled LP, with similar tone, tempo, and vocal stylings. If I were more of a cynic, I would probably refer to this record as 'Floor-lite' but I do think the band is able to create a unique identity for itself via this record. The track 'Goes Without Saying' is a great example of this identity, with its galloping pace and sudden mid-song bust.

As best I can tell, this band disappeared somewhat shortly after the release of this record (their former website is now a site that sells Dove beauty products). At the very least we can enjoy these 14 tracks. Enjoy!

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